Sunday, February 20, 2011

Three of the Backyard Photographs

1.) CE-133-A was used on the cover of LIFE magazine.

Two photos and a negative were found in Ruth Paine's house in Irving, Texas by Dallas Police Detective Gus Rose

Odd features in in the photographs:

 - clothing worn by Oswald in the photographs was not found
- wristwatch not found
- newspapers are of two competing philosophies

Information obtained later:

Robert and Pat Hester worked in a photographic lab in the Dallas area and were shown the backyard photos by the FBI the night of the assassination, which was before they were "discovered," in the Paine house.  According to the Hesters one of the photos did not have Oswald in it.

George DeMohrenschildt

In 1967 a new backyard photo turned up in the possession of George DeMohrenschildt.  This version was of high quality with a black border.  One the back of the photo was some handwriting, "Hunter of Fascists HA HA HA." The handwriting was examined and does not belong to either Lee or Marina Oswald.  

Roscoe White

Another version showed up in the possession of Roscoe White' widow.

The camera

The Imperial Reflex Camera allegedly used to take the backyard photos was not found until December 8, 1963, and by Robert Oswald.  

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